Wobbly Universe YouTube videos by Ray Tomes

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Wobbly Universe YouTube videos by Ray Tomes

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For many years I operated a Youtube Channel called "Wobbly Universe".
It contains many videos recorded by me and some by other people that I liked the look of.
There are 63 videos and some of them have been watched 100,000 times.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... 8D2E390874

Everything in the world has cycles, oscillations and fluctuations. The apparent solid world is an illusion as all is in a state of flux and flow. There is no area of scientific study in which cycles have not been found: Astronomy, biology, climate, cosmology, economics, geology, history, physics, sociology, war and weather all have cycles present in them. Wobbly Universe is about such fluctuations and how they influence our lives.

This playlist will gradually be expanded to become a resource for those interested in cycles. Please join and send me a message if you have particular interests in cycles that you would like addressed. It will include videos on my own work, videos on other cycles researchers by me and videos about cycles by others in YouTube in the Wobbly Universe playlist.
Ray Tomes
Science Director of Foundation for the Study of Cycles
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