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A Deep Dive Into Bitcoin

Posted: Thu May 20, 2021 8:01 am
by Marc Jackson
This report (attached in zip format) contains a number of possible ways to perform cycles analysis, asking the specific question of when will Bitcoin bottom.

This is the first report I have attached so I'm very interested in constructive criticism and feedback and of course, I hope it is useful.

The Cycles Ideas can be found here:


Re: A Deep Dive Into Bitcoin

Posted: Fri May 21, 2021 6:32 am
by Marc Jackson
Pondering over this 29 days / 294 days, it's very close in duration to the Synodic period of the Moon (averaging 29.530589 days). The 294 days cycle would then be 10 synodic periods of the Moon.

Dewey mentions the 'Wideawake' Terns breeding cycle that also follow this period (9.7 months).

It may seems ridiculous that Bitcoin could start synchronising with the moon's cycles but it makes sense if we reason things through:
1) Bitcoin is probably the most emotionally charged asset available
2) The moon's cycles have proven to have a slight effect on emotions
3) There are over 100 million wallet addresses for Bitcoin

So if we amplify a minor emotional effect across 100 million people we should expect to see some correlation.

Attached is a chart of Bitcoin and Ethereum against moon phases (New moon =peak, Full Moon = Trough).

Also note the 2017 peak was on a New Moon and Ethereum's recent peak was the day before a New Moon.

Re: A Deep Dive Into Bitcoin

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2021 11:05 pm
by RayTomes
I have done some analysis of bitcoin prices cycles. Yes, you do get a close (but not significant) relationship over the last 6 months. But before that there is no relationship and over the long term there are no cycles anywhere near the lunar periods.

I have posted the significant cycles in bitcoin here:

Re: A Deep Dive Into Bitcoin

Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2021 1:50 pm
by Marc Jackson
Thanks Ray,

You've forced me to rethink and re-analyse, which is a good thing.

I agree that day trading bitcoin using moon cycles may have worked in the recent past, however, there is no strong reason to expect that such a correlation will continue into the future. I thought I had been clear on this point, using phrases such as "It may seems ridiculous that Bitcoin could start synchronising with the moon's cycles". Starting implies ending at some point.

It should be noted though, there is a correlation between new moons and major bitcoin peaks:

Peak Date -> Closest New Moon -> Difference (Days)
13/04/2021 -> 12/04/2021 -> 1
26/06/2019 -> 02/07/2019 -> 6
16/12/2017 -> 18/12/2017 -> 2
04/12/2013 -> 03/12/2013 -> 1
09/04/2013 -> 10/04/2013 -> 1
08/06/2011 -> 02/06/2011 -> 6

So if anyone is trading bitcoin, beware the new moon. For bitcoin bottoms I found no correlation with full moons:

Bottoms -> Closest Full Moon -> Difference (Days)
12/03/2020 -> 09/03/2020 -> 3
14/12/2018 -> 22/12/2018 -> 8
14/01/2015 -> 05/01/2015 -> 9
05/07/2013 -> 23/06/2013 -> 12
18/11/2011 -> 11/11/2011 -> 7
10/04/2011 -> 18/04/2011 -> 8

That being said, there seems to be a strong and consistent relationship when doing the same analysis with Ethereum.

I'm not convinced that bitcoin has any more intrinsic value than any other fiat currency, however, intrinsic value has never been an issue for most traders, as far as I can tell.

Re: A Deep Dive Into Bitcoin

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2021 9:50 pm
by MarkNewton
Hello Marc, I was wondering if you had done any work with Bitcoin's Natal chart to come up cycles- as ive had success in finding turns given Angles to 19-21 Mutable signs and of course Bitcoin's numerous planets in Aquarius/Capricorn. But ive wondered about taking the synodic cycles from former highs or lows and accounting for Ellipses or how one could take this and translate it into various cycles of different lengths. Just thinking out loud here, but there are definite "energy" spots which cause acceleration higher and lower that seem to work time and time again- Taking these and figuring out the cycles is the next step- Mark

Re: A Deep Dive Into Bitcoin

Posted: Wed Jul 21, 2021 9:42 am
by Marc Jackson
Hi Mark,

To be honest, I didn't know that Bitcoin has a natal chart until you mentioned it. We can give an exact birthday but location would be a guess (London?).

My understanding of natal charts is that at the exact time and place of birth, the planets colour our personality so for Bitcoin to have a natal chart it would also need a personality, which is a rabbit hole I'm not going down.

That said, if something works then it works. Various folks have given presentations for the FSC talking about planetary influences on markets and it's something I may look into in more detail.

I'm not sure what "finding turns given Angles to 19-21 Mutable signs" means, could you expand?

I agree with your idea of energy spots. For me, this is when cycles combine to form sharper peaks or sharper troughs.


Re: A Deep Dive Into Bitcoin

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2021 3:04 pm
by MarkNewton
January 3, 2009. 6:15 pm GMT - is the Natal - Send me an email Marc to I"m happy to share some work ive done on Crypto and Bitcoin areas of high energy and things that have coincided with major turns-

Re: A Deep Dive Into Bitcoin

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2021 3:16 pm
by MarkNewton
Looks like a number of my posts have been erased on this Board. Im not sure what i posted that was so controversial , maybe someone could enlighten me - This is my attempt to HELP others who wish to converse on cycles?

Re: A Deep Dive Into Bitcoin

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2021 10:50 pm
by RayTomes
Hi Mark
I can find no evidence that posts of yours have been deleted. Two thoughts:

1. Did you do "preview" and then forget to do "post"? It can happen. I have done it myself.

2. In future please take a screen shot after you post. That will help with trying to trace things.

Be assured that as long as people are polite and on topic there is no intention to censure anyone.



Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2021 8:42 am
by RTirock
It would make a good place for some training. Maybe a novelty dive. I don't get excited about diving in a swimming pool and doubt that concrete at 60' will look much different than concrete at 10'.