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FSC History in brief

Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2021 11:17 pm
by RayTomes
The Foundation for the Study of Cycles (FSC) was formed in about 1941 after Edward R Dewey heard about the Matamak conference (on natural cycles) and got together with the organizers. It continued after Dewey's death in 1979 under various leader, until the 1990s when things started to go wrong. Martin Armstrong was the CEO and was arrested for activities unconnected to FSC so the other board members ran for the hills. In 1998 the board agreed to close down the office and to put all of the publications in the public domain. In 2001 a few past members including board members agreed to start a new internet only cycles organization and named it CRI for Cycles Research Institute. CRI put lots of cycles related material on its web site and set up a blog and a forum. CATS (Cycles Analysis and Timeseries Software) was made free and came with lots of data and data sources. Then after a few years, a new organization started and called itself FSC. There was an uneasy alliance between CRI and FSC for sometime. On the one hand the new FSC did lots of good work restoring the valuable resources, but it rather tarnished the reputation by SPAM like behaviour. Once again, FSC failed and it came to a halt. Then more recently we heard about the third incarnation of FSC and a wonderful letter appeared by Richard Smith. ... ard-smith/
Very soon after this, FSC and CFRI began to talk about merger of our efforts. FSC had mainly market people and CRI had more scientific people. History had taught us that the two together made a successful organization. In 2020 we agreed on a full merger. Both sites still exist for historical records purposes but there is now just one international cycles organization.