Times when many planets align

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Times when many planets align

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Times when 7 planets (including sun and moon) are within 20 degrees of arc.
Usually the 7 include the moon, exceptions noted.

1762-Mar-24 to 26
1821-Apr-01 to 02 \ almost 8 planets
1821-Apr-01 to 03 / at this time
1821-Apr-04 to 07 7 without moon
1831-Jan-13 to 15
1850-Apr-11 to 12
1882-May-03 to 07 7 without moon
1962-Feb-03 to 05
1994-Jan-10 to 13
2032-Jun-07 to 09
Ray Tomes
Science Director of Foundation for the Study of Cycles
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Re: Times when many planets align

Post by MarkNewton »

Thanks Ray, i know Barbeault discussed this as being a challenging time, and his criterion of the 10 cases of pandemics and epidemics (based on his idea that 4 of the 5 most outermost planets must be within 100*) Here is his direct quote from 2012- "“Going back to the pandemics and going back to the past century, the four crises of 1918, 1954, 1968 and 1982 are obvious, the two considerable being the first, the famous “Spanish flu” which is said to have claimed 25 million lives, and the last one in which AIDS, which is even more devastating and continues to be deadly. Since then, there has also been a small influenza surge in 2009, against the last lowest cyclical index (2010). We may well be in serious danger of a new pandemic at the 2020–2021 mark, at the lowest peak of the cyclical index of the 21st century, with the quintet of outer planets gathered over a hundred degrees, a conjunction Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto can more specifically, and even specifically, lend itself to the “tissue” of this imbalance. Nevertheless, this configuration can also transfer its core of dissonances to the terrain of geophysical disasters, without ultimately sparing the international affairs scene, Nature and Society being indiscriminately affected.”
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Re: Times when many planets align

Post by MarkNewton »

Furthermore- Merriman discusses some of the more important long-term synodic cycles in his Book-

"10 possible planetary pair cycles (or Synodic Cycles) involving the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
And three of them just occurred in 2020 !!!! This is the first time that three or more outer planet conjunctions have occurred in even a 2-year period since 1881–82...And even that involved a 2-year span (that stellium was in Taurus and involved Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune conjoining one another). As a side note, in 1881, Alexander II, Emperor of Russia and King of Poland, was assassinated.
In the U.S., President James Garfield was also assassinated. The fifth cholera pandemic of 1881–1896 broke out then as well. It was the last serious European cholera outbreak of the century.

Just relaying- IN my view. this goes a LONG way towards describing much of the major social, cultural, and economic change that we've all been experiencing over the last 18 months

The most important of the planetary pair cycles, or synodic cycles, would be the three possible conjunctions between Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. i.e. - “Tier One” synodic cycles. They last anywhere from 111 to 492 years in duration.
Tier One synodic cycles

1. Neptune / Pluto 492 years
2. Uranus / Neptune 171 years
3. Uranus / Pluto 110–143 years

Next in importance would be conjunctions involving Saturn to either Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto. --“Tier Two” synodic cycles. Their cycles last anywhere from 32–45 years.
Tier Two synodic cycles:

4. Saturn / Uranus 45 years
5. Saturn / Neptune 36 years
6. Saturn / Pluto 32–37 years

Conjunctions of Jupiter to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto are considered “Tier Three” types. These four possibilities last 13–20 years.
Tier Three synodic cycles:

7. Jupiter / Saturn 20 years
8. Jupiter / Uranus 14 years
9. Jupiter / Neptune 13 years
10. Jupiter / Pluto 13 years

Thanks- Mark
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Re: Times when many planets align

Post by MarkNewton »

I would add that June 10-15th of this year was a time that 5 planets were at 12-15*, including the high energy Sat/Uranus square at 13*. WE had Venus in Cancer at 15.. Uranus at 13 Taurus, Chiron at 12 Aries, Saturn at 13 Aquarius, MOON at 14 Leo- Some might not consider importnat but this is EXACTLY when Equal-weighted indices like NY COMPOSITE and Value line peaked out along with most of EUROPE- STOXX50.. Looking back at Mid-February, this was the first square this year of SAT/URANUS and occurred within a day of Technology peaking out and beginning a violent pullback for 2-3 months.. also a peak in China and NIKKEI.. Ironically this was exactly the SAME.. but OPPOSITE of what happened in 2000 at the peak- URanus then in Aquarius and Saturn in Taurus-flipflopped, now vice versa- Still PRESSURE on Uranus( Technology) from Saturn.. Food for thought-
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